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Two women accused of embezzling from Rancho Mirage in court

Two women accused of embezzling money from the City of Rancho Mirage were in court again this morning.

The duo, Brandi Perry and Sandra Johnson appeared together for the first time after pleading not guilty to the charges against them.

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Brandi Perry, 40, of Desert Hot Springs, is accused along with Sandra Johnson, 50, of Indio, of using Johnson’s position as the city’s senior manager in the Building and Safety Code Compliance Division to siphon $80,000 in city funds over the course of more than two years.

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According to an arrest warrant declaration, Johnson was allowed to authorize expenses for code enforcement work. She and Perry allegedly opened an account for a company called “Brandi Perry DBA Perry Property Preservation,” which charged the city for “abatement work” that investigators say never occurred. Invoices for deposits into the Perry Property Preservation account were “falsified,” with the city charged for “services not performed,” the declaration states.

Perry allegedly filed federal tax returns in 2015 and 2016 indicating that the company received income from the city of Rancho Mirage. Johnson was also captured in security camera photos making ATM withdrawals from the Perry Property Preservation account, the declaration alleges.

Both are expected back in court on Jan. 31 for a felony settlement conference.

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