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Palm Springs dispensary licensed to sell adult-use marijuana

We are less than a month out until adults throughout California are expected to be able to purchase recreational marijuana. Palm Springs businesses are already planting seeds making sure they’re ready ahead of that day.

“I’m very excited,” said Julie Montante, owner of PSA Organica in Palm Springs.

The dispensary, according to Palm Springs city leaders, is the first to be permitted to sell adult-use marijuana on January 1.

One of 16 businesses, like Palm Springs Safe Access, applying for city permits ahead of when buying recreational marijuana will be legal.

“I think that has to do with a progressive council, an amazing city staff, and of course, operators like myself trying to guide along the way and make sure the city stays on top of state regulations, as they come out,” said Robert Van Roo, President of Palm Springs Safe Access

Montante said they’ll be opening their doors at midnight on January 1, when adult-use and medicinal customers will be able to shop at the same facility.

“Medicinal patients and adult patients and staff will have to register. They’ll all be treated in the same manner,” Montante said. “They’ll all come in, there’s not going to be a rush to come into the dispensary themselves. Each dispensary will have one patient a piece.”

Dispensary owners said they are looking forward to seeing more green next year.

“We’ll likely not be doing that first thing January 1, but shortly after that, we will, potentially downtown, Van Roo said. “This facility may end up being adult-use as well.”

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