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Survivor of shooting near Candy Cane Lane shares her story

What used to be a time of year filled with joy is now filled with pain for Roxanne, a surviving mother of the 2015 shooting near Candy Cane Lane.

“Just seeing all the holiday spirit, the lights starting to come up. I try to get into it, but it’s really hard because all I can think about is my son,” Roxanne said.

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She didn’t want to show her face when she spoke to us as she visited her baby Atreyu’s grave. He died on December 19, 2015.

On that day, Roxanne and boyfriend David Chavez enjoyed the lights and decorations of Candy Cane Lane, but as they were leaving, she says a road rage incident led to a shooting.

Chavez was killed. Roxanne, nine months pregnant, was shot in the stomach.

“In my mind, all I can think of is, ‘I hope my son stays alive because I don’t think I can survive this afterwards,'” Roxanne said.

Doctors were unable to save Atreyu. Now, two years later, Candy Cane Lane residents like Jamie Flores say the incident is still fresh on their minds.

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“I think about the family, the survivors, and how they’re doing and if they even think about coming down here anymore,” Flores said.

After responding in the area two years ago, police say they are still looking for the suspect.

While they haven’t had any fresh leads lately, investigators say they are using every resource possible one day to bring justice.

“We’ve had some evidence, some items of evidence, that we’ve processed that hopefully in the future, as we have better advances in science and technology, could become useful,” said Commander Julio Luna, of the Cathedral City Police Department.

“I know David’s spending Christmas in heaven with his son. I just wish that I could spend the holidays with my son. I wish I could kiss my son goodnight and good morning, like my daughter, but I know he’s in good hands,” Roxanne said.

If you have any information about this case, you are asked to call Cathedral City police at (760)770-0300.

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