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People pay tribute to Palm Springs murder victim

On Sunday night people remembered a popular valley woman, Amber Lane, 36, who was shot and killed while sleeping in her Palm Springs home last month.

Lane’s loved ones gathered at Wangs in the Desert to celebrate and pay tribute to her life.

“This is important for people who haven’t had a chance to come together and express their grief or share a happy story,” Laurie Abranson, a close friend of Lanes, said.

Lane’s 19-year-old son, Brian Conroy, is accused of killing Lane. Lane’s close friends say they’re standing by Conroy and supporting the family.

“They (Lane’s family) do need their own space and time because there’s so much more than, ‘we lost Amber’ to deal with, so I think they’re doing the best they can with the circumstances. But we’re all together in this,” Abranson said.

Lane booked many of the artists who came out and shared memories, like Kris Bossi, also known as Cricket.

“She became my manager and my cheerleader, also like my sister. We always spent lots of time together being silly. She was just an amazing light from the get-go,” said Cricket.

Many friends in attendance, said they’re trying to stay positive.

“This is not a time for me to be sad. Of course I’m mourning, but I’m also happy because this is a celebration of a loved one who has went to be with her spiritual father,” said musician, Alvin Taylor.

“I put the challenge to all of you, to love fiercely, just as Amber did. And whenever you can support and uplift everyone around you because you never know how much time you have,” Cricket said.

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