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People protest after drag queen’s show gets cancelled

Continuing coverage on a local drag queen whose weekly show has been canceled at the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs.

Supporters of Alfie Petit, better known as Arial Trampway, protested outside of the hotel Sunday calling for justice. She has performed at the Hard Rock every Sunday for the past eight months, but her show was canceled about two weeks ago. She blames upper management for the cancellation saying she heard some of the owners did not want their hotel to become a gay hotel.

“We’re here today because it’s gay pride and we feel we need to speak out about an attitude that shouldn’t be happening in 2017,” Michael Ralke, Trampway’s representative, said.

A spokesperson for the Hard Rock Hotel says there’s no discrimination involved and denies Trampway’s accusations of hotel owners saying they did not want the hotel to become a gay hotel.

“Most of our upper management is LGBT so when we were approached like this we were dumb founded, but we wish Alfie the best,” Adam Levy from the Hard Rock Hotel said.

Levy went on to say the hotel changes its entertainment calendar on a regular basis. Trampway has filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and has plans to file a lawsuit.

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