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Polo season starts this weekend in Coachella Valley

The polo season in the Coachella Valley is one of the best in the world with great players and a beautiful setting for a unique sport.

You might be saying, I’ve heard of polo but what exactly is it? Well, I’ll leave that to the pro.

“Easy way to say it, it’s somewhat like hockey on horses. There’s a lot of contact, there’s a lot of speed and it’s a really quick game but at the same time it’s on a very open field and you’re on top of horses so it kind of changes the aspect as far as any other ball sport there is in the world really because you’re working with the horse and your team as well,” said professional Polo player Patrick Uretz.

Which are made up of 4 a side, meaning 8 players and horses on the field competing. And more often than not, the better the pony, the better the player.

“Oh you can’t play polo without the horse so it’s hard to say but as far as the skill level I’d day it’s 25 percent human and 75 percent horse,” said Uretz.

And what is 100 percent is that the Coachella Valley is one of the top places in the world for polo.

“The Coachella Valley provides an ideal location for wintertime polo in the US. There’s only two places that actually play winter polo – here and in Florida,” said James a’Court.

“It’s just a beautiful area to be. It’s great place for the horses. The climates great, they enjoy themselves, and as far as the winter season it’s one of the best in the world,” said Uretz.

If you’re not sold on the polo maybe you will be sold on the party. Polo matches make for a fun time for everyone with food, drinks and a great setting.

“We have the Sunday polo program with matches at 12 and 2 and the public is welcome to come, only 10 dollars per car. You can come and bring a picnic or enjoy our clubhouse restaurant and experience world-class polo in the Coachella Valley,” said a’Court.

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