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Officers out in force for New Year’s holiday traffic

Many drivers are expected to hit the roads this New Year’s weekend, in what is expected to be a record breaking holiday travel season. Law enforcement will be out in force looking out for people drinking and driving.

AAA says 107 million Americans are expected to travel during the period from Christmas to New Year’s Day with about 12 million Californians doing so by car.

As a result- the California Highway Patrol will have its maximum enforcement period starting Friday night all the way through New Year’s Day. Officers will be out on the roadways looking for impaired drivers and this includes those under the influence of cannabis when recreational use is legalized on January 1, 2018.

During last year’s enforcement period, CHP says they made about 750 DUI arrests. 29 people also died from collisions during that period of time. CHP says the risks and consequences of driving impaired are too great for any driver.

“Worse than getting a DUI is crashing, hurting or killing yourself or somebody else and that’s an unfortunate reality that happens,” Officer Mike Radford said.

Cathedral City Police will also be doing it’s own patrols for drunk or impaired drivers. Police say if you are going to drink, they suggest getting a sober designated driver, get a taxi, or use a ride sharing app such as Lyft or Uber.

The Walter Clark Legal Group is offering free rides on New Year’s eve and day through Lyft. Details can be found here.

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