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Fans camp out for the 29th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

In less than 24 hours some of Hollywood’s stars will be walking the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Tuesday night.

Some fans have been camping out at the Palm Springs Convention Center since early Monday morning.

Steven Cutler and Steven Markin have been camping out before the festival for the last nine years. Their goal each year is to get autographs on as many photos of celebrities they can.

The two have a growing collection of 52 celebrity photos and autographs, which they say, makes camping worth it. But they’re not the only people to camp out.

Billy Celio was one of the first in line after making the trek from Oceanside.

“(I’m) excited to see Gal Godat. She’s killing it out there with Wonderwoman,” Celio said.

Kurtis Channell joined the campsite shortly after Celio.

“I’d like to get everyone’s autograph if I can, but you get a select few and it’ll be nice and fun,” Channell said.

The group says the line-up of stars isn’t as high-profile as past years.

“I’ve got some friends from Los Angeles who normally come out, who aren’t because it’s not as big of names but to be honest, the actors and actresses they have, had big performances. You’ve got a lot of Oscar-caliber actors and actresses here,” Celio said.

There will be more celebrity sighting opportunities throughout the week.

“Thursday they got Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg introducing their big movies coming out and on Wednesday Gal Godat and Pattie will be doing something for Wonder Woman, so there’s a lot of great events,” Celio added.

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