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Palm Spring Tram gearing up for first snowfall of the season

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was very cold and rainy Monday evening as the first snow of the season arrived.

Guest at the top of the Tram were heavily anticipating the arrival of snow.

Read: Palm Spring Tram gearing up for first snowfall of the season

“When I was coming up here I was told about all the great snow and the past years, so it was kind of disappointing to come up here with no snow, but its just easily as cold still,” said Bryan Salgado, who is visiting from Los Angeles.

Some travelers were trying to get out of the freezing conditions affecting most of the country.

“Definitely a break for us, it’s awesome. I mean we were down in the valley where it was 70 and it was amazing. Just enjoying the sun there and we were told you know can’t miss this opportunity to come up here,” said Kimberly Richards, who is visiting from Portland.

The dry winter season in California has affected the number of Tram travelers as they’re down about two and a half percent from December attendance last year. The Tram still welcomed 59,000 guest, some who are just trying to escape rainy weather back home.

“It gets a little old after a while, so I was happy for the break to get some sun and just enjoying the weather even if it is a little rainy it still it beautiful up here,” Richards said.

The odds of snowfall are expected to improve on Tuesday.

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