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Palm Springs Police Department responding to incident shown in Youtube video

Palm Springs police are addressing a video posted to Youtube this weekend, officials said.

In the video, an unidentified man visits the Palm Springs Police Department and claims to be doing a First Amendment audit to determine if officers are respecting his First Amendment rights.

When approached by an officer, the man claims he is “doing a news story on what public officials do on public time.”

The conversation between the officer and the man turns confrontational after the officer asks for ID.

In the video, the officer cites that the man is being detained for trespassing. The man tells the officer that he is illegally being detained while being on a “public area.” Another officer and eventually a sergeant arrived at the scene and interaction continues for around 30-minutes.

The YouTube page describes the organization as the following: “News Now California Is a independent news journal covering 1st Amendment rights in California and the United States. Your eyes cannot trespassed.”

KESQ News Team


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