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Student Athlete of the Week – Destiny Purdy

“I didn’t even know how to tread water my freshman year so I thought it was just something I would try.” Student athlete of the week Destiny Purdy said.

All it took was taking the chance and Palm Springs senior captain found her match.

“After that I realized how much I loved it so Is started putting extra effort into practice and games and it has transitioned into a leadership position.” Purdy added.

A bit of surprise in her mom’s eyes.

“Yes I was, but here in the desert I think this is one of the best sports being in the water so it worked out great.” Destiny’s mother Janet Purdy said of her daughter’s decision to player water polo.

In and out of the water she is the captain and one of the most talented defensive players in all of the league. This is coming from a coach with a CIF Title under his belt.

“Her strongest suit is a defensive player hands down. She plays two meter defense, one of best two meter defensive players in the league right now.” Head Coach Norm Van Wieren said.

She is also one of the smartest, a 4.5 GPA and about to have a lot of colleges to choose from.

“Heading to one of the good UC’s, or even a good private school like Stanford or Pomona. I applied to nine colleges so one of those I will be happy with.” Purdy said of her future college decision.

With a final message to keep this Palm Springs program on the rise.

“Learn from the loses, take it as experience so later on you can build a team that can win DVL in the future. I say take every loss, with a grain of salt, know that you can learn from it and be humble in your wins as well.” Purdy finished.

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