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‘We love you mija and are waiting,’ Mother’s message as search enters second month

The families of a 26-year-old Coachella woman and 28-year-old Palm Desert man continue to look for answers as the search for their missing loved ones enters the second month.

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Audrey Moran and her boyfriend, Jonathan Reynoso, also known by family and friends as Jon Darling, were last seen in a ‘selfie’ photograph taken at his home in Palm Desert. But the selfie wasn’t taken the same day as they disappeared, as police originally thought.

EXCLUSIVE TIP LINE for missing couple case: 760-393-3544

Audrey and Jonathan’s mothers have been writing the two open letters from afar.

One letter, written on the same day the investigation stretched into its second month, opens like this:

Good morning mija. Today is July 10, two months that you are not home with us. It’s unreal that we have not heard from you or Jon. You know that I still place my cell phone and house phone next to my bed and whichever room I’m in they are also at my reach.

Audrey’s mother continues, talking about her memory of the last time she saw her missing daughter:

I think back to the morning of May 10, on my way out that morning I knocked on your restroom door and yelled out that we were leaving and don’t forget to feed Macie. I didn’t bless you, or tell you to be careful, I didn’t even say I love you. I was in a hurry to leave, if only I could go back in time. My way of healing now is to make the sign of the cross in the morning on your picture, over your forehead, lips and heart and tell you I love you.

The letter continues to explain the stress the disappearances have caused and the efforts that family members continue to take in the search.

It closes with gratitude and a plea:

I want to thank everyone that has shown our family support and has continued to keep us all in prayer, and believe me Audrey Moran there are many good people in this world. This is why I know that if there is someone out there that knows where you and Jon are. To this person I say……Please know that the only way evil can win is if good people do nothing at all, and we know that who ever you are, you were created in the image of God therefore you are good.

We love you mija and are waiting.

Jonathan “Darling” Reynoso’s mother, Mayra Torres, is in Alabama with family. Lauren Coronado spoke with her over the phone. Torres says she writes open letters to Jonathan to keep the community informed.

“One week turned into two weeks and now, we’re here at two months and it’s just not possible. It’s not supposed to be this way… they will come home… and I have faith and I believe in that,” Torres said. “I just hope it’s soon.”

The families have set up an exclusive tipline. If you have any information on the couple’s whereabouts. (760)393-3544.

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