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172 disabled parking citations issued between Coachella and Stagecoach

172 citations were issued to festival-goers this year for fraudulently using disabled person parking placards, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The violations were caught by DMV investigators during Coachella Valley enforcement crackdown that goes into effect during festival seasons. Those caught fraudulently using the placards had them confiscated, received a misdemeanor citation, were given a censure which will appear on the driving record, and were ordered to pay fines ranging from $250 to $1,000.

“If you don’t have that privilege please don’t park in it. If you do, you’re being subjected to be contacted by a law enforcement representative doing enforcement for parking and asking you for the proper credentials to have that place card,” Indio Police Department public information officer Ben Guitron told News Channel 3’s Jeremy Chen in April.

The weekend-by-weekend breakdown of citations:

Coachella Weekend 1 (April 12-14)

44 citations

Coachella Weekend (April 19-21)

50 citations

Stagecoach (April 26-28)

78 citations

According to the DMV, investigators verified 2,459 placards as legitimate by comparing the placard’s assignment number and comparing it with both the paired registration card and the person’s identification.

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“It’s against the law to fraudulently use a disabled person parking placard and we will continue our enforcement efforts until people understand how their illegal actions are impeding the mobility of those with disabilities,” said DMV Investigations Chief Tom Wilson. “I’m asking every Californian to save the space.”

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For more information on disabled placards, go to DMV’s website.

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