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New video shows chaos before shooting at Coachella nightclub

The investigation continues after multiple shots were fired outside Mariscos Mi Lindo Sinaloa Sports Restaurant and nightclub Friday night.

New videos obtained by News Channel 3 show dozens involved in a fight inside and outside the club.

“We were standing inside we were having a great time and then there were three fights,” said Vee Lopez, an eyewitness. “It was very scary. At first it was all good, and then everybody started fighting…girls, guys and then that’s when they started kicking people out,” said another patron.

Karin Lopez, the general manager, explained as soon as the fights broke out, they had security guards remove the individuals involved. Once they were outside the venue, he says shots were fired.

“Outside someone pulled up to the front…got off and started shooting like 20 times. Pop, pop, pop…people were running and screaming and bottles breaking,” said Vee Lopez.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, shots were fired around 11:30 p.m. Witnesses say they were at the club, located on Avenue 49 and Grapefruit, to attend rapper Stupid Young’s concert. The general manager added the club frequently hosts performing artists on weekends.

“People were crying inside talking about I gotta get home to my kids…it was just crazy,” said Lopez. She said deputies asked patrons to come outside with their hands up while they were investigating.

Ten security guards were working at the time of the shooting, according to the manager. “Thankfully we had them…if not, things would have escalated more inside of the club where people started arguing,” he said.

Lopez added his staff takes the safety of their customers seriously: “It’s very important. We’ve seen what happened in the other places in Palm Springs and that’s the reason why we try and have as much security and pat down people really really well. I mean we pat down their shoes…we’ve found things in places that you don’t even want to know,” he said.

But after this incident, some patrons are asking for security even in parking lots as a preventative measure in the area. “They should have had much more security patrolling the streets making sure everybody was safe,” said Crystal Rivera.

Deputies added they found evidence of injuries in the area, but no victims have come forward at this time. They say they’re following multiple leads and anyone with additional video or information is urged to contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.


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