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FDA calls for men to be included in clinical trials for breast cancer treatment

Dr. Henry Tsai is currently treating three male breast cancer patients at Eisenhower Health in Rancho Mirage.

While men make up less than one percent of all breast cancer cases, he says the number is on the upswing.

The father of Beyonce Knowles is one of the highest profile patients recently diagnosed.

“Oftentimes male breast cancer can be related to family genetics,” said Dr. Tsai.

Tsai says currently, treatments for men are based on data collected from female patients.

Often the same medications are used.

The oncologist says using more men in clinical trials will lead to new and more effective treatment for men.

“I think what we could benefit from would be better knowledge of how male breast cancer functions, and works, and how we can better target the disease,” said the doctor.

Peter Botros is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 26.

He also lost his mother to the disease when he was 14.

“She had cancer pretty much my whole life, on and off. She had beat it and it came back. Beat it and it came back,” said Botros.

Dr. Tsai says factors which contribute to breast cancer in men include obesity, lack of exercise, liver problems and testosterone treatments, which sometimes can lead to increased estrogen levels.

Cases of breast cancer are usually more advanced in men by the time they are diagnosed because most men are not aware they can get the disease.

Tsai says men who do take part in clinical trials not only could help lead to medical breakthroughs, but also have access to treatments they otherwise would not.

More information for clinical trials for male breast cancer treatments:


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