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Coachella Valley residents become U.S. citizens

Over 1500 residents of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and areas of Los Angeles County became new United Stated citizens on Tuesday.

Among the new citizens is one of our very own Telemundo reporters, Carlos Trejo.

This ceremony held in Riverside at the Fox Performing arts center really made people feel official as new citizens.

Joe Miramontaz, the section manager with San Bernardino, said “It’s such a long process for applicants, and they are finally able to finish the whole process and it is a very special day for them because at this point they are part of the united states community as US citizens.”

Many just overwhelmed by feeling happy and accomplished. For some the journey took a long time.

Carlos Trejo said, “15 years to become a citizen, I don’t know why. But I feel happy and grateful to take that decision and now it’s official I am a new citizen.” Carlos also had his mother to thank for this occasion, “Almost 30 years ago, she decided to cross the border and give me a better life. And today I feel so happy to share this moment with her and be part of this country.”
Many already have felt like a citizen for most of their lives.

Anita Hoeve, a registered nutritionist with Kaiser spoke with us, “I have been in this country for 19 years. So it’s… I got emotional in there. I am Canadian but, you know, I have been here, my children are born here my husband is from here.”​​​​​​​ She also said she is very happy for her kids to see this experience happen.

Taban Sharifi has full details at 6 p.m. on News Channel 3.


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