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Licensed cannabis retailer aims to educate public on vaping in wake of CDC warning

Licensed cannabis retailers, including Chansce Pittard, the manager at “Leaf El Paseo” say a primary focus right now is educating consumers.

“Cannabis vaporization can be very helpful because it can help provide a fast acting result,” said Pittard.

The CDC recently recommended all consumers stop vaping until researchers can pinpoint the cause of a growing number of vaping deaths and injuries nationwide.

A CDC official stresses that most vaping deaths and illnesses are traced back to vaping cartridges purchased in the illicit market, which in some cases, can contain potentially deadly chemicals and toxins.

Pittard strongly recommends consumers buy only licensed THC vaping products from licensed dealers, whose products, under state law, must undergo rigorous testing before hitting the store shelves.

“The illicit market has actually encouraged people to come in and purchase legal, licensed lab-tested products,” said Pittard.

For any consumer buying THC vaping products from a licensed dealer who might have concerns about safety, they can ask for a “Certificate of Analysis”.

The COA, either in print or digital format, is issued by state labs for every cannabis product tested by the state, and deemed safe.

Licensed retailers are required to provide a COA on request.

“I want people to know that they can come into a licensed dispensary and find a completely safe product,” said Pittard.

Riverside County’s top health official, Dr. Cameron Kaiser is also urging vape users to stop using the products until researchers can identify the causes of the recent deaths and injuries.

The “Leaf El Paseo” is offering an educational presentation on vaping, and the use of THC products.

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