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The City of Palm Springs planning commission approves The Palm Springs Surf Club

On Wednesday, the city of Palm Springs planning commission approved a surf park in Palm Springs.

Plans are underway to update and upgrade the former Wet n Wild Palm Springs into The Palm Springs Surf Club.

The Palm Springs Surf Club will be a place for surfers of all levels to play in the simulated waves. From surfers training for the Olympics to those learning how to surf for the first time, the club claims it will appeal to all ages.

“We’re going into an existing park, and we’re basically giving it an update as far as technology, safety and wave quality,” Eric Munoz, Co-founder, partner and Chief Development & Public Affairs Officer for Pono Partners told News Channel 3 after the meeting. “We aren’t loading up our real estate or our park with high end homes or a big retail center or other land uses. We want to focus on the experience of enjoying water through the water park, our wave pool and through the restaurant and those are the main elements we are going to have,” he added.

Munoz also addressed the concern of water conservation during the meeting. He said with the removal of two water slides and other water features, adding the wave pool will allow water to not have to be refilled every year. Instead, water will be recycled and refiltered. Munoz also said they are talking to a water conservation district as well.

Munoz mentioned the waves will be generated by compressed air so this will be energy efficient.

Several students from Desert Mirage High School who are a part of the East Valley Board Riders Club spoke at the planning meeting voicing their desire for the surf park and the idea that this could bring a new high school sport to the valley one day.

“Surfing can actually be a thing here,” Camila Rodriguez, President of the East Valley Board Riders club said. “I know if you go to Huntington Beach they actually have P.E. classes in surfing and here we don’t even dream of surfing because there is nothing around here but I’m really grateful that now there is going to be something around here,” she added.

“I’m excited,” Oscar Salazar, a member of the East Valley Board Riders club told us. “It’s going to bring new opportunities to the valley in my opinion and make it a lot easier for us to access waves instead of going to LA or something like that,” Salazar said.

During the public hearing, one resident spoke out about the issue of lighting and noise.

The club says they plan to take noise monitoring measures with a sound level limiter and orient speakers inward away from residential. As far as lighting, Munoz mentioned the light poles will shut off by 10 p.m.

“We’re super excited, and we couldn’t be more excited to go forward with this approval,” Munoz said.

Munoz told News Channel 3 they hope The Palm Springs Surf Club to be open by the end of 2020 and plans to be open year-round.

During the meeting, Munoz shared the surf pool hours are expected to be from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the restaurant/lounge will be open until 2 a.m.


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