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Martinez Fire likely will not be extinguished until November, Bureau of Indian Affairs says

The Bureau of Indian Affairs released information today that the Martinez Fire won’t likely be extinguished until early next month.

Students from the Coachella Valley Unified School District returned to school today.

Entire communities continue to be exposed to the smoky air from the mulch fire burning at the Sun Valley Recycling Center.

“We usually start around 7 in the morning and end around 3:30 in the afternoon,” Agricultural Worker Llovani Ceballos said.

Ceballos works within a 5-mile radius of where the fire is burning.

“One day we did smell some smoke coming around, but for the most part since there’s been a breeze, it’s been pushing the smoke away,” Ceballos said.

Others workers in the area say they’ve experienced headaches and trouble breathing.

The smoke is expected to continue on. According to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the fire is still 50 percent contained as firefighters work to extinguish the mulch piece-by-piece.

“We are anticipating the fire to be contained by November 9th or 10th,” Bureau of Indian Affairs Public Information Officer, Robyn Broyles said.

Smoke is expected to fluctuate throughout the days.

“While there’s still smoke in the air, we want people to avoid it as much as possible. Stay indoors, protects our elders and youth because their lungs are the most sensitive. Don’t go out into it if you don’t have to,” Broyles said.

For more information the BIA says people can email: for their question.

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