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Police warn of increase in catalytic converter thefts

The Palm Springs Police Department alerted residents of a surge in thefts of catalytic converters over the past year.

A catalytic converter is usually installed underneath most vehicles as a part of a vehicle's emission system.

A catalytic converter

When the part is removed, the vehicle will sound like the muffler has been taken. The vehicle's dashboard may also display an alert indicating something is wrong with the vehicle. Replacing this part and cost upwards of $1,000.

According to PSPD, trucks, RVs, and vans have been common targets of thefts within various areas of the city.

Police say there are a few ways to prevent having your vehicle's catalytic converter stolen.

  • You can purchase an after-market lock
  • Park your vehicle in a secure garage
  • Use surveillance equipment

Police also advise motorists to lock their vehicles, not to leave valuables in plain sight and not leave keys inside the vehicle.

"These types of prevention efforts could drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim," reads a post by PSPD.

Due to the increase or these incidents, PSPD is seeking the public’s assistance. If you have information related to the theft of catalytic converters or if you have become a victim of these types of theft, contact the Palm Springs Police Department at 760-778-8406. Anonymous information can also be provided to Crime Stoppers at 760-341-7867.

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