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Veterinarians save injured tigers life at Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve


A team of veterinarians helped save the life of an injured tiger at the Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve in Lucerne Valley.

According to Kele Younger, the founder and director of the preserve, Mischa, the tiger, had a scrapping on her one hind leg which was not responding fully to antibiotics.

"Without treatment, such issues can become life-threatening with the onset of serious infection, in the wild, they will often die from such infections," Younger wrote.

Dr. Jessen and his Vet Tech Staff and Dr. Brenna Lynn Timmerman from the high desert and "Dr. C" and his staff came down from Las Vegas to help treat Mischa.

Mischa needed stitches and has some soreness but is recovering. She even gave the veterinarians some kisses today as a thank you.

Thankfully, x-rays showed she has no bone cancer or tumors.

The Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve is only one of 40 preserves in California licensed as a wildlife rescue shelter. The animals are not bred or traded.

"They come in and they live the rest of their lives in safety, in peace, and in tranquility,” Younger says.

They are a completely volunteer-based organization surviving solely on donations and grants. With the coronavirus outbreak, food suppliers are stopping food donations.

If you would like to make a donation to the Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve or find more information on the preserve you can visit their website --

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