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Riverside County projects over 60K coronavirus cases, 1,000 deaths in early May


Newly released projections released by the Riverside University Health System show the county may see more than 60,000 coronavirus cases and 1,000 deaths in Early May.

That's a slight change from last week's projections where Dr. Geoffrey Leung announced that the county expects 50,000 cases by the end of May.

As of March 31, Riverside County has 371 cases and 9 deaths.

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The projections also show that the current amount of ICU beds (102) is expected to reach full capacity by April 12. On April 22, the current amount of hospital beds (1,399) will reach full capacity.

The currently available ventilators (172) are expected to reach full capacity on April 26.

Additionally, these projections show that the county will need 3,000 ICU beds by early May. The death rate is expected to increase to 2.5%.

The projections are based on the county's doubling rate remaining the same. The current doubling rate is 5 days. This means that if we take the cases as of today, which is 371, by 5 days that number will increase to 742.

The county uses predictive modeling to better prepare for staffing, equipment, and space in anticipation of a likely surge.

Preventive measures, like regular hand washing, staying at home, social distancing, and covering the face can all help to "flatten the curve" by increasing the doubling time.

On Tuesday, county health officials announced new recommendations for residents to cover their faces whenever they go out.

Health officials say bandanas, fabric masks, and neck gaiters will work. Fabric covers and bandanas can be washed and used again.

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