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Indio Church Reopens

The Governor's ban on in-person church services remains in place, after a decision was made last night by a Federal Appeals Court.

Despite that, a pastor at a church in Indio opened his doors today for church services.

The Pastor welcomed the congregation back in addition to continuing their online service.

"Never again will the house of God close."Never again will the church doors close. They are open to whoever is hungry and thirsty," said Pastor.

George Ortega, who is a member of the church showed up in person for support.

"For me it's very essential. We need this. Since we stopped this we haven't been the same and we just want to say thank you Father God for allowing churches to reopen today. It's very essential. Thank you President Trump for acknowledging this and praise God," said George.

Sacred Heart in Palm Desert was one of the churches not ready to reopen just yet.

Reverend Monsignor Howard Lincoln told news channel 3 they might be ready to open up next weekend.

Desert Springs church also in Palm Desert told us they need to a few more weeks to prepare safety and protection procedures.

The State of California is still banning in-person church services.

Rico Bruce


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