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Palm Springs business owners are seeing positive signs after reopening


Many businesses across the valley have been open now for two days after the governor gave the green light Friday for Riverside County to move further along in stage two of the state's reopening strategy. 

“It was amazing and I am getting alot of comments saying thanks for opening up, thanks for surviving," said Jerry Sanders.

Jerry Sanders, Owner of British Invasion, a clothing shop in Palm Springs said he was shocked by the customer turnout this weekend. 

“I don’t want to say its almost back to normal again but its pretty close," said Sanders. "Its only been one to two days of opening and its been fully satisfied.” 

Many business owners in downtown Palm Springs tell News Channel 3 that they have seen an increase in foot traffic since Friday afternoon and not only that their loyal customers are coming back to shop.

“Immediately yesterday i went to the store got some shorts, got some shoes, everybody is doing their thing supporting the businesses," said Bryan Watkins.

Steven Monkarsh owns the gift shop "Just Fabulous". 

“Sales have increased but for me its not so much about the money right now its just about not being social isolated anymore and making sure that everybody is safe," said Monkarsh.

Monkarsh noticed one item flying off the shelves. 

“We have new masks and we have hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel and essential oils that are selling like crazy," said Monkarsh.

At restaurants, dine in service made a comeback. 

“I would say we’re about 30% of what we normally would be on a day like this especially being a holiday weekend," said Mike Smith, Owner of Chicken Ranch.

For one visitor it was his first time eating at a restaurant since the stay at home orders began. 

“I don’t want to say its a little unnerving but its different you’re not used to it again but its also really nice," said Deric Camarigg.

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