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Valley health officials say ‘We are ready’ as reopening continues

As more businesses begin to reopen and local hospitals have taken on patients from Imperial County, our valley hospitals plan to stay prepared for a potential surge.

"We are ready. We have the capacity and we know what we are doing," said Dr. Andrew Kassinove, Director of Emergency Medicine at JFK Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Andrew Kassinove from Desert Care Network said his staff is well  prepared for what could come as more businesses begin to reopen here in our valley.

Dr. Kassinove said he's seen positive impacts since the reopening.

" We are seeing people that need to come into the emergency department, who were avoiding it and coming in way too late during the pandemic," said Dr. Kassinove.

Not only is our valley opening up again but our county hospitals are now receiving coronavirus patients from Imperial County causing our hospitalization numbers to increase.

"Even with that influx, we are still well certain on capacity to manage those patients and we think its important for us to help our neighboring communities wherever or whenever they can when they are overwhelmed," said Dr. Alan Williamson, Chief Medical Officer at Eisenhower Health.

Riverside County Public Health officials told News Channel 3, 37 patients from Imperial County have been transferred to our valley hospitals.

Dr. Williamson from Eisenhower Health said he's not too concerned about the exposure those patients could bring to our desert but...

"I do think as the fall comes we are likely to see an uptick in the number of cases here quite possible because of the fall weather or change in temperature but because we'll have an influx of people coming in from outside our valley," said Dr. Williamson.

And if there's another potential surge.

"I think we're in much better shape handle a surge if it really does happen and I honestly don't believe we are likely to see a large wave we may see a bump in the numbers a little bit," said Dr. Williamson.

"I just everyone to continue to take appropriate precautions to continue to wash their hands and social distance when appropriately, continue to wear a mask if you need to," said Dr. Kassinove. "You minimize your risk of getting it whoever comes to town."

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