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Westfield Mall in Palm Desert back in business once again


The Westfield Mall in Palm Desert is back open for business. It's been closed for 2 months because of the pandemic.

News Channel3’s Dani Romero has more on how shoppers are responding.

"Yaya! we are so happy, its about time, so we are going to do a little bit of shopping, have some lunch,"said Judy Moore, a shopper. "Its a girls day out."

The Westfield Mall in Palm Desert is back and ready to welcome customers once again.

"I am thrilled, I was really happy when they opened up the first time and I was devastated when they kinda of closed back down cause its a way to get out do stuff," said Raquel Carrillo, a shopper.

So much of the shopping might look the same from the last time it was open two months ago but things have changed. Now, the mall is only allowed to have 25 percent capacity.

"As it goes on, I think it'll get better and better, 25 percent capacity right now, I think is good," said Moore. "It's a start and we'll just build from there."

And not every store was open.

"Sparse. Hardly any people are there, super quiet some stores open, some stores not yet maybe the times have changed,"said Jamie Fitzgerald. "There are signs on the doors but they are not specific that they are open."

One shopper on alert this time around.

"I don't want to say hesitant but cautious about everything so i'll go in cautiously and see what happens,"said Carrillo.

Westfield Mall officials did not approve allowing our camera inside but on their website they say they're taking precautionary measures to keep shoppers safe. 

In their video you can see a cleaning crew following a  disinfecting routine.

"They have cleaners at the escalators that are wiping stuff down, when I first came in and then when I walked back they were cleaning," said Fitzgerald.

Customers will also spot foot markers on the pavement showing shoppers where to wait.

"They have masks available, sanitizers throughout the mall," said Fitzgerald. "There's plenty of space for people to walk around and move."

"These businesses, we need for them to stay open, too many are closing and its sad so I am very happy that they have their chance to make some money," said Sharon Donato, a shopper.

Riverside County malls, barbers and hair salons were allowed to reopen their doors for indoor operations this week, under new state coronavirus guidelines.

Most retailers, along with small businesses, can remain open under the new guidelines, which limit the number of people indoors at 25 percent capacity at one time. 

For full list of open stores. CLICK HERE.

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