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The reality of reopening: Taking a look at local coronavirus numbers


Riverside County will remain in the purple or widespread and most restrictive tier for at least another week. According to Riverside County Public Health they say we may reopen as soon as Tuesday, September 22.

A hopeful sign for many: New state data show levels are now measuring in the “red” or “substantial” risk level range.

The daily new cases are at 5.8 per 100,000 people and our positivity rate is under seven percent.

“I am happy to give a bit of good news in terms of our recovered numbers," Kim Saruwatari with Riverside County Public Health mentioned in a recent county supervisor board meeting. "We are at 50,589 so over 90 percent of those that have been diagnosed as a case have recovered," Saruwatari said.

In the Coachella Valley area, the latest update shows a weekly positivity rate of nearly 13 percent which is higher than three other districts in the county.

See full report here.

"You know we've lost a few lives which is tragic," Mayor Glenn Miller said. "One life is too many," he added.

The city of Indio has suffered more cases and more deaths than any other in the valley.

"We're going to have a lot of businesses that I think are going to say to us, 'Sorry we're not going to make it, we're going to have to close our doors,'" he said.

Miller is referring to if we don't reopen businesses by November at the star5t of our busy season.

The impacts of the potentially deadly virus have also been lethal to some local businesses already.

"If they're wearing a mask and you're saying their numbers are down and it's safe then why wouldn't wearing a mask in Indio be safe if you're at a gym and you're six feet apart and you're outdoors on a yoga mat doing something," he said. "I mean it doesn't make any sense to me," Miller added.

Miller is eager to reopen.

"I don't like when government picks winners and losers and right now we're picking winners and losers based on where you live and what business you own," he said.

It’s still too soon to see if the Labor Day holiday led to a surge in cases, but something health officials are still keeping an eye on.

To make an appointment to be tested click here.

What Changes When the County Moves from the Purple to Red Tier?

  • All Retail
    • Purple: Max 25% capacity
    • Red: Max 50% capacity
  • Shopping Centers
    • Purple: Max 25% capacity; Closed common areas; Closed food courts
    • Red: Max 50% capacity; Closed common areas; Reduced capacity food courts
  • Personal Care Services
    • Purple: Open Outdoors with modifications
    • Red: Open Indoors with modifications
  • Museums, Zoos, and aquariums
    • Purple: Open outdoors with modifications
    • Red: Allowed to open indoors at 25% max capacity
  • Places of Worship
    • Purple: Open outdoors only
    • Red: Allowed to open indoors at 25% max capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer
  • Movie theaters
    • Purple: Open outdoors only
    • Red: Allowed to open indoors at 25% max capacity
  • Hotels and lodging
    • Purple: Open with modifications
    • Red: Allowed to open fitness center at 10% max capacity
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
    • Purple: Open outdoors only
    • Red: Allowed to open indoors at 10% max capacity
  • Restaurants
    • Purple: Open outdoors only
    • Red: Allowed to open indoors at 25% max capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer
  • Wineries
    • Purple: Open outdoors only
    • Red: No changes
  • Bars, Breweries, and Distilleries (Where no meal provided)
    • Remains closed in both purple and red
  • Family Entertainment Centers
    • Remains open only outdoors in both purple and red (E.G. batting cages, kart racing, mini-golf)
  • Cardrooms, Satellite Wagering
    • Remains the outdoor only in both purple and red
  • Offices
    • Remains remote in both purple and red
  • Professional sports
    • Same in both red and purple
      (Open with modifications, no live audiences)
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