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Are you prepared for an earthquake amid the pandemic?

0925 Earthquake update

We have continuing coverage that we brought to you at noon about  two earthquakes that struck back to back this morning in Desert Hot Springs. one was a 3.0 magnitude followed by a 3.7.

News Channel 3’s Dani Romero has more on how you can stay prepared for an earthquake amid the pandemic.

 Two small jolts back to back rattle homes in Desert Hot Springs

“I heard like a noise and the ground shaking, I looked up I said on the ground is shaking, I got in my car and left,"said Arnold Perara from Desert Hot Springs.

And some heard a noise.

“There was a boom that came along with it but I don’t know what that was exploding transformer," said Gary Evans, who lives in Desert Edge.

 While others said they missed it. 

“I didn’t feel the earthquake but i am concerned  that there’s going be more especially around the San Andreas Fault, which goes by here," said Max Gaskamp.

And he’s not alone. 

“If the San Andreas Fault does every break there possible can be more and it could be worse over time," said David Loya.

Those earthquakes striking near the San Andreas Fault just minutes apart. 

But are you prepared for an even bigger one? 

“Now that makes a person wonder you know...yeah… I don’t think I am, I mean what would a person do to get ready for a major earthquake like we could have here since we are sitting on top of the San Andreas Fault,"said Evans.

Red Cross Regional Philanthropy Officer, Brian Daly said its key to stay prepared amid the pandemic. 

“You want to add elements to it, like masks, maybe disinfecting wipes, those sorts of things, and then you of course want to have basic water. um, and, uh, you know, some foods, some canned food," said Daly.

Daly said having an emergency kit in your home and in car is crucial but there’s one thing he says to not forget either. 

“ I think is really important is you want to have cash. What I do is I set aside $5 bills because nobody's to have change for a hundred during the middle of a big disaster," said Daly.

For more information on how to build you emergency kit. CLICK HERE.

For video tutorial on how to assemble your survival kit. CLICK HERE.

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