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Student-Athlete of the Week – Trinity Hernandez

It all started at First Tee for Shadow Hills golf captain Trinity Hernandez. Now, she’s looking ahead to college golf.

“Having a new challenge every day is what really keeps me going because, with golf, one thing could be going really well, but then the next day it’s not working at all, so you always have got to keep working everyday to be consistent,” says Trinity Hernandez, Shadow Hills senior golfer.

“Not only her skills at the game, but also her willingness to work with her teammates, and she’s just she’s light-hearted, she’s fun, but she knows how to be serious and turn the competitive dial up a few notches when she needs to,” said Nick Anziano, Shadow Hills girls golf coach.

Hernandez says what sets her apart is her determination. Her family is very important to her and has played a big role in her success. 

“I’ve always been self-motivated. My parents have taught me, I have to do everything myself, even though they’ve helped me along the way,” said Hernandez.

“She’s had a solid support team growing up, that’s evident in her demeanor, the way she carries herself, and also how she approaches the task at hand, again whether it’s golf or trying to excel in a rigorous environment,” said Nick Anziano, Shadow Hills girls golf coach.

Hernandez wants sports to always be a part of her life. That’s why she plans to pursue a career in sports psychology. She’s already getting practice at it, leading her teammates through a mental game like golf.

“I’d say that I’m able to bring a lot to the golf team in terms of being able to help out my other teammates and give them tips. It can get pretty hard, especially if you’re not playing well. It can mess with you, in terms of, you feel unmotivated or you want to quit, so I would say, having a strong mindset helps me on the golf team,” said Hernandez.

She was recently named the 2020 Coachella Valley Student of the Year for raising 23,000 dollars through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She’s treasurer of the Indio Youth Advisory Council and challenges herself in the classroom, taking multiple AP classes.

Hernandez says she doesn’t love the spotlight, but her accomplishments are certainly worthy of it. 


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  • PERSON: Must be a leader in the community, person of high chracter

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