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Now Hiring: Just Fabulous is looking to add to its team

The pandemic has been tough for many small business owners, but this week's Now Hiring employer is committed to seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

As its name implies, "Just Fabulous" in Palm Springs is all about being joyful, "joie de vie," loving life, celebrating life.

Just Fabulous is a gift boutique and book store in Palm Springs' uptown design district, located right across the street from Frances Stephens Park.

Monkarsh says that the best candidates are reliable, dependable, and are dedicated to excellent customer service.

"Well right now we are looking for, I would say an all-around awesome person with retail experience," said Stephen Monkarsh, owner of Just Fabulous.

As with many small businesses, Monkarsh says that the pandemic has made things hard for the Just Fabulous team.

"You know there's that expression, when you have lemons, make lemonade and then add in a shot of vodka. So basically, we decided to make lemonade," Monkarsh said.

Monkarsh says his team has been working to develop their web store and has been adapting to the needs of their clients. From shopping trips over zoom to alerting hours for specific shoppers. Monkarsh says it's all about adaptability.

"I want people to enjoy coming to work," Monkarsh said.

Monkarsh said that he offers flexible scheduling, and lots of opportunities to grow.

"If somebody's great and they come along and they start off at 10 hours a week and they are fabulous. they will soon have 30 hours 40 hours a week because as a small business when you find somebody who is good, you value that person," Monkarsh said.

Monkarsh says that if you're looking to work in a positive environment, with interesting and exciting customers, then Just Fabulous is the place for you.

To learn more about Just Fabulous, visit their website,

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