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Former local Congresswoman Mary Bono shocked by storming of US Capitol

Former valley Congresswoman Mary Bono is speaking out, calling today's events "beyond belief."

Bono, a Republican who represented the Coachella Valley from 1998 to 2013, spoke with News Channel 3's Peter Daut tonight about how she thinks this will impact the president's legacy and the party as a whole.

Peter: Your reaction to What's happening right now in our nation's capital?

Bono: "I received an email from one of my friends, a member of Congress who said he was shell shocked and I think to a large degree, even though I'm not clear on the capital. I think we are all shell shocked. This is beyond belief. It is wrong, and people who are doing these horrible things need to stop."

Peter: Have you been in touch with anyone in DC right now.

Bono: "Yes, quite a few people both members of Congress and staffers and people who live nearby near the Capitol so yes absolutely there's a lot of talk going on a lot of concern for friends and former staff are still on the hill and, you know, of course for congressman reason his staff I pray for them and I hope that they are sitting down, and you know, really is a time for level heads right now. This assault on the Capitol is something that I think is beyond any of our wildest imaginations, you obviously know the complex, the Capitol very well."

Peter: Are you surprised that a mob was able to storm it?

Bono: That's a great question, you know, and Sony's answers right now are spur of the moment top of mind. But, you know, I was there on 911. I was there the day that we had two officers who were shot actually wasn't in the Capitol on 911 was just outside the grounds. But nonetheless, the day of 911 and I think we're always astonished and bewildered, about the capital's defenses and much more fortified than they are. That being said, How do you anticipate Americans conducting themselves the way they did today. Rarely planned for those sorts of scenarios you plan for a terrorist attack you plan for, you know, all sorts of things. A road. You know road rogue attack, but something like this I think was beyond the planning and, you know, I'm here to talk about they're gonna close the capital and it's way too early to think that we've sort of tightened security on the capital after 911 and other attacks Oklahoma City, but I still believe. Eventually the house will be open it is the people's house, and they will do what they can to defend the Capitol protect the members of Congress, and protect staff and still allow access to the public who actually is there for me, meaningful business

Peter: As a Republican, what do you think this does to the legacy of Donald Trump and how does this affect the republican party as a whole?

Bono: You know when I, when I left Congress I've tried really hard to not weigh in and be a critic or say a whole lot. I have never been a Trump supporter I think people know that. And I think this is very bad for his legacy, and I think the threats about him primary people are what they are bringing it on, but this really is a test of a lot of things and you know for me at the end of the day. I've always believed that character matters. Actually, I'm not, I'm not trying to deny anything here but I wrote in on my ballot, because I've never been a Trump supporter. That being said, I no longer really in the political realm. So I try to stay out and not get too much trouble. I did my 15 years and now I get to be a regular citizen. But you know, that makes it the frustration for me to see the hatred. That is on social media. I think a lot of it is spurred on by the media itself. I think so many shows, with all due respect, not yours. But people are trying for their ratings from that means to preach to the choir, and to agitate the people who already agree with you to agitate them further. And you know, that's unfortunately what has happened recently in color cooler and better selves in order to restore our great country to really where it needs to go and that is a country of debate and ideas. And, you know, we should we should talk through our differences and come to a consensus

Peter: You know the atmosphere is certainly very different now compared to when you were in office. Where do we go from here. Will our nation come together will we heal from this?

Bono: I believe that the right leadership, of course, will come back I think the American people. This is a small fringe group of folks in the both sides. Nobody can claim pure innocence here. And I do believe that there are people who completely agitate situation to make it worse on both sides. But I do believe with the right leadership, we can bring people back together again. And that goes from the President on down in every level to City Council's everywhere in America people need to get beyond this need to rise above it. But that's leadership everywhere. And it does start at the top, but I do believe we'll get back to our better selves.

Peter: Right now some members of Congress are calling to impeach the president. I'm curious, Mary if you were in Congress today. Would you support that. Where do you stand on this?

Bono: You're gonna get a lot of trouble. I'm sure that if I were Congress today. I would count my blessings and count my days until there's a transition. And I would do everything I could to move this country forward, and put that positive energy into truly moving the country ahead with Congress so nearly divided. You know, people are going to have to work together they're going to have to talk together they're going to have to find consensus. I would focus on that, you know, there will be plenty of time for an analysis of the Trump presidency and everything that was wrong. But at the same time as a member of Congress, I think I wouldn't put my best foot forward, I would reach across the aisle, I would talk to them. I work with them I find the right friends on the other side of the aisle. And I would work with them to address the serious problems that our country is facing, as far as impeaching the president. Look, we have done that, we did it with Trump we've done it we've done with President Clinton, no good it's come out of either one. Again, I'm talking off the top of my head, but I would spend the next couple of weeks focusing on moving our country forward.

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