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Live entertainment now allowed at outdoor restaurants

California is changing its tune, and now allows live entertainment at outdoor restaurants under the purple tier. 

Live acts, including musicians and comedians, are now permitted to perform at restaurants with outdoor dining. 

It's the first time performers have been included in the purple tier. 

"It's just been such a big question," said Lisa Lynn Morgan, a musician with the group Lisa Lynn and the Broken Hallelujas, said she cried tears of joy when she got the news. She said there will be safety precautions to follow.

"Social distancing 12 feet from the stage and masks for those who aren't singing," Morgan said. "Being careful and cautious and being able to provide that thing we love that connects us greater than any other vehicle on earth - music."

Restaurant owners and management in downtown Palm Springs said they're excited to be able to book in-person live gigs once again, which they say further elevates the outdoor dining experience. 

At Las Casuelas Terraza, manager Eric Navarro said it's been almost a year since live entertainers took the stage.

"When everybody comes to Las Casuelas Terraza, it's the ambience they come here for, the food first and foremost, service, and they want to listen to great music and enjoy," Navarro said. 

But it's not just musicians – comedians are also now permitted to perform. 

"That alone has been very hard to not be able to be on stage, get my ideas out there, make people laugh," said local comedian Dacoda Miracle. "That's what every comedian wants to do."

Miracle said he doesn't rely on comedy to pay the bills. He said he's excited, but cautious of more lockdowns in the future. 

"Hopefully restrictions just get lifted more and more so momentum can grow, because every time a show has come to fruition, it's just been lockdown again," he said.

Local entertainers are ecstatic to be able to share their crafts with the world.

"I knew we could do this a safe way," Lynn said. "I'm happy with what we have and this week I'll be singing and sharing music that people love, that we can love together."

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