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Local skateboarders react to the sport’s Olympic debut

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics featured skateboarding for the first time. Some local valley skateboarders said its debut is a big deal

Team USA made history when skateboarder Jagger Eaton was awarded the first Olympic Skateboarding medal in history. He won a bronze medal in the men's street competition.

According to the Olympics, the rider is judged by their timing, consistency, originality, difficulty, and overall flow. Also adding the fact that skateboarding has been an important part of street culture in the United States since the 1980s.

Valley skaters got to watch skateboarders from all over the world compete. Local skateboarder, Alan Everage, said getting more eyes on the sport will help increase its popularity and diversity.

Alan Everage skateboarding.

"They're amazing at skateboarding. And it's like, it's pretty cool to have something in common from people all around the world," said Everage. "Oh, it's beautiful. You know, seeing people from Australia, Brazil, you know, Japan, especially, you know, the guy who won it. And that was a big deal. Not only for him, but just like Japan in general, and skateboarding as well. So it was pretty cool to see that."

Everage said he hopes to see more of the youth to get involved with skateboarding.

“Skateboarding, being the olympics, the general public's gonna see that, and hopefully, it's gonna bring interest to parents is not only their kids, but their parents as well," said Everage. And, you know, take that instead of going to soccer practice, you know, they can go to like a skatepark and have lessons there."

Everage said he hopes the community and fan base for skateboarding grows as Team USA gears up for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

He also adds that if you're interested in supporting the local skateboarding community, buying at local skate shops is one of the best ways to do so.

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