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Holiday season highlights the importance of food banks and pantries


Many times the holiday season highlights the importance of food banks and food pantries and the thousands of families who depend on them.

Food pantry visits are up 30-percent since the start of the pandemic.  About 42-million americans are experiencing food insecurity and inflation isn't helping the situation.

The Department of Labor said within the last 12 months, consumer prices have been driven up by 6.8%. This now puts inflations at a 39 year high.

According to the USDA, grocery prices were 5.4 percent higher last September than they were the year before and the price of meat has increased double digits.

It's leaving families strapped and impacting food banks that source their foods.

Help local families depending on food banks. Donate to one of our local food banks/pantries below:

For anyone in need of food resources, check out an interactive map of food access sites across Riverside County

Food Access Sites in Riverside County

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