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Planning ahead before you hit the hiking trails in extreme heat

With two hiking-related incidents within 24 hours of each other, the intense heat remains the biggest problem many people are facing.

Triple-digit heat and the humidity from recent storms are being felt throughout the Valley. A type of heat that not everyone is used to or prepared for.

First responders came to the rescue on Thursday at the Badlands Trailhead in Indio, after an elderly couple became extremely dehydrated. “Got about two miles up the trail and ran out of water and couldn't make it back,” said CalFire Battalion Chief Kevin McNally.

Hiker rescue at Badlands Trailhead

But, this intense heat won’t stop everyone from hitting their favorite hiking trails. “To be honest, I usually do the bump n grind around this time but it gets a little too packed so that’s why I come over here because it’s kind of lonely and I can just go by myself,” said hiker Serge Banos.

Banos, a Coachella Valley native, told News Channel 3 he’s no stranger to these hot temperatures. “I’m pretty used to it to be honest. Like, I know my limit."

Banos said he hikes pretty often and plans ahead before he does. “Be prepared, always be prepared. Like I have a backpack that I’m taking with me right now. I have a first aid kit, ammonia salts just in case I do get a little dizzy so I can wake myself up. So, be prepared because if you’re not used to it you’re gonna feel it.”

Some tips when heading out to the trails or going outdoors in the heat:

Bring the essentials

  • Water, water & water
  • Nutrition/Snacks
  • Sunscreen & Hat 
  • Extra Layers such as long sleeves and pants
  • First Aid Kit 

Beat the heat

  • Leave to hike/exercise in the early morning hours or evening
  • Find shade when you can

Try to avoid hiking alone & always tell someone where you are going

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