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San Bernardino County passes Riverside County in total coronavirus cases

San Bernardino County has overtaken Riverside County in total cases for the first time in the 8 months of the pandemic.

Riverside County has the second-highest coronavirus case total among counties in the state coming in behind Los Angeles County.

This comes after San Bernardino County reported its two highest day-to-day case increases this week. The county reported 1,756 new cases on Tuesday and 1,613 cases on Wednesday.

Riverside County is also going through a surge in cases, but daily case increases have not reached the peak of July-August.

Despite being behind Riverside County in case totals this whole time, San Bernardino County has never met the metrics needed to move out of the most restrictive tier of the state's reopening plan while Riverside County has.

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The populations of the two counties isn't too far off.

According to, Riverside County has a population of 2,470,546 and San Bernardino County reported a population of 2,857,960, both as of July 2019.

San Bernardino County also has more patients in the hospital and Intensive Care Unit as well as recoveries. Riverside County has 20 more deaths as of Nov. 18, 2020.

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