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6th grade students get first tour of new school thanks to W.E.B students

Students at Colonel Mitchell Paige Middle School in La Quinta will be returning for in-person learning next week. For some 6th graders, it will be their first time on campus ever.

8th grade students taking part W.E.B., a mentorship program, showing the new students around the campus.

"W.E.B. is a mentor program that is, stands for where everybody belongs and basically our eighth graders are trained to mentor our incoming students six graders mostly and they will be assigned every new student will be assigned to a leader who is essentially takes care of them for the year," said Clayton Dickerson, an 8th grade W.E.B. Student Colonel Mitchell Paige.

News Channel 3 photo journalist Christopher Flicker how this mentorship program is helping those students.

Christopher Flicker

Jesus Reyes


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