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Cathedral City police warns of potential dangers of door-to-door salespeople


The Cathedral City Police Department issued a warning of the potential dangers of door-to-door salespeople soliciting their product in late hours.

The department sent out a warning after receiving inquiries and tips from residents reporting salespeople coming to their homes in the late evening hours. Some reports indicated that the salespeople were being “pushy” or “assertive and demanding.”

Social media reports highlighted incidents where a salesperson will ask to enter a residence to demonstrate their product but it will be difficult to get them to leave.

CCPD warns residents to stay cautious when dealing with these kinds of situations. The departments recommend that you verify who you are talking to before answering the door. Residents should also be cautious allowing unknown or unidentified people to enter your residence.

If you are able to, the department also encourages that you be accompanied by a neighbor or trusted person, as opposed to making contact by yourself.

"We recommend asking someone to leave if you feel unsafe and maintain a phone line for contact with the police if necessary," writes CCPD.

CCPD notes that the department has not received any reports of assaults, burglaries or thefts by salespeople. This is just an opinion on "residential safety, situational awareness and applying caution when answering your residential door – especially when allowing unidentified people into your home."

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