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Retired Rajah: Ovidio Machado calling it a career after 30 years at Indio high school

"There are only two types of people in the world, Rajahs and those who wish they were," said Ovidio Machado.

Luckily for Ovidio Machado, he was a Rajah for 30 years.

"When I started here, this school meant so much to me because they were my people. They were my students, they were my kids and my athletes. You know, I chose this school, the school did not choose me," said Machado.

Machado also chose to do it all. He was a teacher, coach and athletic director - all of them done the right way, the Rajah way.

"I am very proud of, not the winnings and not the records, not the league championships, not any of these things. But, I am very proud of all the athletes and all the kids who have played for Indio High School that have been, that are successful in the community itself, that have come back to give to the community," said Machado.

That's the culture at Indio. You could say it's like one big family, figuratively and literally.

"Coach Machado, Dad, congrats on your retirement - well deserved. You've been an inspiration to us and the entire Indio community for many, many years. Not only as a teacher, coach and AD but most importantly as a father and role model. Your hard work and commitment to Indio high school will be remembered for future generations," said Antonio and Gio Machado, Ovidio's sons.

"You're the only AD I've ever worked with and I just want to thank you for everything you've done, not just for the baseball program but for all the athletic programs. You're a true Rajah. Congratulations on retirement and enjoy your time on the ranch," said Mark Brenner, Indio baseball coach.

"I'm a Rajah forever! Everyone knows that I came to the school by choice and I'll be a Rajah forever. And again, with the last saying that my old principal used to say for the old legacy, it's you know, there are only two people in this world, and you know, being a Rajah that I'm proud of, proud of very much and those who wish they were, means that all the alumni will know that."

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