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Student-Athlete of the Week – Taylor Schein

Xavier Prep Volleyball

Taylor Schein is a true student-athlete, encompassing all three requirements as an athlete on the volleyball court, strong student in the classroom and leader in her community. 

“I’ve always been a leader, in a way that I push people to be the best they can, whether or not I’m labeled a leader. I want to see people succeed in whatever way that is,” said Schein.

“She’s always been motivated to get better. If she doesn’t do something right, she does it over and over and over until it is right,” said head coach Natalie Allen.

Coach Natalie Allen says that Schein, a four-year starter, has been a leader on the team long before she held the title of captain. 

“She’s very, very competitive, so she wants to win and her teammates around her know that she wants to win, so that makes them play to the next level with her, but she motivates the girls in a way that they love to play with her.”

As for what makes her stand out...

“I think it’s her drive. Like honestly, even in school, she’ll be taking a test and she’ll be studying. She doesn’t take any time off, so even if we’re at a tournament and we’re doing breaks, she’s studying and doing school work. There’s no off time for Taylor.”

“Volleyball is a very disciplined sport and the fact that you have to be almost exact to perform at a certain level, so it’s shown me discipline in my academics as well.”

When she’s not playing volleyball, Schein loves to travel and spend time volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club in La Quinta. 

“Leaving there, it lifts my spirits and just puts anything that’s bad that’s happened throughout the week that I’ve had to deal with or see, it just puts it out of the way.”

Despite coronavirus, Schein has been working hard to get better on the court. She has a couple scholarship offers and plans to play college volleyball, while pursuing a marketing degree. Her coach knows she’ll keep shining.

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