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Student Athlete of the Week – Hanyi Joh

Palm Desert Football

Meet Hanyi…Joh…one of the most electric and exciting players in the valley. And the stats prove it. He leads Palm Desert’s in rushing yards, receiving yards, and oh yeah…touchdowns.

"It's amazing and you want to keep doing it. I always tell my offensive line and my offense it’s fun when we are winning so let’s just keep doing it," said Joh.

Winning is fun, especially when you play for a program that has won 4 straight league titles. But what Joh brings to this team is far beyond his athleticism.

"4.8 GPA, high SAT score, he could go to about any college he wants to. But more importantly than that he is a great person works hard everyday, encourages the rest of the team. Very lucky and happy to have him on board," said head coach Shane McComb.

Now on the field, if you don’t wear red and black and play for the Aztecs, Hanyi is a problem.

"Shifty. Shifty. When he hits the hole he is gone man don’t let that guy get loose. He’s fast, he can break your ankles, he could run over you if he has to too," said Lane Forti.

Hanyi credits the rest of the team for their success on the field and calls his teammates family, but he doesn’t forget about his off the field family either. The reason he wears number 5.

"I’m Korean and in Korea your place in your family is very important and especially in tradition and I’m the 5th member of my family and I feel like that really embodies who I am," said Joh.

"He’s just a great guy I love having him on the team. Great leader on the offense, every team needs a guy like Hanyi. Glad we have him here," said Forti.

"I just want to keep the tradition going and its something we built so its something we want to continue building," said Joh.

If you don’t know, now you do.

Reporting in Palm Desert, Bailey Arredondo KESQ.  

If you know a future student-athlete of the week and want to nominate someone, please contact Sports Director Blake Arthur or Bailey Arredondo. You can also send an email to

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