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Mild for now, windy later

The week remains quiet across the Coachella Valley, with temperatures dropping into the 70's around dinnertime tonight with light winds and a few clouds. Tomorrow we'll likely enjoy upper 80's and low 90's to close the workweek.


By Friday night, winds will begin to pick up, bringing in cooler air from the west. Expect breezy conditions overall, with sustained winds staying between 5-15 mph.


Winds will likely strengthen on Saturday, with gusts possibly up to 25 mph across the valley. Stronger winds can be expected in the San Gorgonio Pass and Desert Hot Springs.

Increasing winds will help bring temperatures down to the low 80's. An even cooler day can be expected Monday. Light rain and more wind are both possibilities then. A couple tenths of inches of rainfall accumulation look possible around the valley for the start of the work week so far. Stay with us as we refine this forecast over the next few days.

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Kelley Moody


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