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Agua Caliente is Now Hiring

Agua Caliente is hiring for nearly all positions across their casinos Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Rancho Mirage.

"We are running 90% plus occupancy. so we really need our housekeepers. so you know anything in the housekeeping department. Anything in security, and any cash handlers are going to be my really top top positions i'm looking for," said Robin Stone, vice president of human resources at Agua Caliente.

Stone said that at the casino, they encourage you to always be working towards your next promotion, meaning there are lots of opportunities for growth.

"So you know what you might be in a position starting off at something entry level, or you feel below what your skill set is. But you could be promoted to doing something and maybe even running that department in six months," Stone said.

Benefits include vacation and sick time, a 401k plan, as well as free parking, meals, and uniforms. Employees also quality for medical and dental insurance.

"I think the thing is probably the most exciting is that depending upon when you get hired, you can get insurance almost immediately," Stone said.

And if you're interested in learning how to deal table games, Stone said that Agua Caliente has a program for you.

"We have our own dealing school which is amazing. that our team, from table games has put together," Stone said. "And then the guarantee is if they finish the school, they will get hired as the dealer."

The casino runs the program once a year and Stone says that she expects the next dealing school to be in the fall. She says don't wait for the next school, encouraging people to get their foot in the door now and the opportunity to attend the program could come even after you are hired for another position.

At the end of the day, Stone says that she loves working for Agua Caliente because the casino feels like home.

"I feel like I come home to my family, it's such a great place to work, everybody's friendly, they care about you," Stone said.

To apply for a job at Agua Caliente, visit:


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