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Troubled Waters

‘A clean energy economy’ for everyone? Salton Sea residents are not convinced yet

Residents in Salton Sea communities are demanding answers on the potential impacts of lithium extraction projects in the region. They’re calling on local, state, and industry leaders to offer details about how their health and the environment may not benefit from a market which supporters tout as a sustainable energy solution.  Patricia Leal Gutierrez, a

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Troubled Waters: The ‘White Gold Rush’ at Salton Sea is slow going but holds major lithium pay dirt

The “white gold rush” at the Salton Sea is on as the world market for lithium increases each year. Lithium is called “white gold” for its silvery color, and the Salton Sea is an untapped treasure chest of lithium for all the underground brine flowing through our rocks generated by the 11 geothermal plants situated around

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