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Media, Lawmakers Hear Eulogy From Late Newsman’s Son

(AP) – The crowd at Tim Russert’s funeral would have made a great panel on his Sunday morning news show.

In addition to members of the media, lawmakers and several generations of politicians, there were the two men vying to become the next president of the United States. Senators Barack Obama and John McCain even sat next to each other, per a request by the Russert family.

Russert’s 22-year-old son, Luke, gave the eulogy, which he described as his father’s last speech.

He urged parents to hug their children and politicians to avoid “low tactics.” He also asked the crowd to imagine a special edition of “Meet the Press” in heaven, perhaps with a debate between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, or John F. Kennedy and Barry Goldwater.

An invitation-only memorial service is also taking place today.

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