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Local Muslims, Jews Raise Money For Victims In Gaza

Local Muslim and Jewish groups are rushing aid to rocket and bombing victims in Israel and Gaza.

The Islamic Society of the Desert in Coachella made pledges and donated money by the thousands in just minutes.

“In less than 5 minutes, we were able to raise $10,000 and probably more. I haven’t even emptied the boxes yet,” said Tim Wassil.

Helping those wounded in Israeli Air Force bombing will be difficult. Local Muslims hope donating to the Islamic Relief Foundation will be able to get through the closed borders of Gaza.

“It is extremely frustrating and very difficult. Gaza has been under siege for quite some time. Nothing can get in and nothing can get out,” added Wassil.

Alan Klugman with Rancho Mirage’s Jewish Federation has begun their latest fundraiser, much of it going to help rocket attack victims in Israel.

“55 cents of all donated dollars goes overseas. 45 cents helps locally,” said Klugman.

Palm Springs Rabbi Sally Olins says her congregation is praying for victory and for peace. Security measures at local temples have not yet reached 2006 levels, but the community is watching Hamas’ rockets attack the land they love.

Klugman added, “Israel, the place, the people, the history, is a central part of who we are as Jews. So the community is responding in the way it always does when Israel is in trouble. With enormous generosity.

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