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No Chemical Leak At La Quinta High, New Tests Show

A local school district says a new test proves there is no chemical leak at La Quinta High School.

We first told you last month about recent testing showing elevated levels of the toxic chemical “carbon tetrachloride” at La Quinta High.

Carbon tetrachloride is considered a “volatile organic compound” that can be harmful in high concentrations. It is often found in cleaning solvents, plastics and aerosol sprays.

Desert Sands Unified School District released the findings of new chemical testing Friday.

Clark Sief Clark, Inc., the testing firm hired by the district, says their tests did not detect any Carbon Tetrachloride.

They criticized the first test done by the USA Today newspaper and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland for not revealing their testing methods.

“It is important to note the USA Today report did not indicate who collected the sample, where the sample was collected, the method of collection, the type of analysis performed on the sample, the accredited laboratory used for analysis, or the results of the analysis,” stated the Clark Seif Clark, Inc. report.

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