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Family Of DHS Crash Victim Want Justice For Loved One’s Death

The family of a man killed in a weekend crash wants a driver accused of being drunk brought to justice.

Jose Moreno, 29, died after a crash on Mountain View Road near Desert Hot Springs Saturday night.

The California Highway Patrol arrested Osniel Venegas, 18, for drunk driving and causing the three-car crash.

“I am numb,” said Moreno’s wife Selena just a day after Jose’s death Wednesday. “He was my high school sweetheart. They took half of me.”

Police reports show Venegas had a blood alcohol level above .15, which is twice the legal limit.

Moreno’s family is left recalling memories of their son.

“If you needed help, he would take his shirt off his back and give it to you,” said mother Isidre Moreno. “If you were hungry, he would feed you. That’s what my son is.”

Jose Moreno was driving to work Saturday night when he was struck and killed. Moreno worked at the Palm Desert AM/PM.

Moreno’s wife is left remembering dreams that will never come to be.

“We always talked about being a family. He was my friend, my husband. He was the man who protected me. And it’s not fair that he (Venegas) took all of that for just irresponsibility.”

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