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Keeping Your Children From Cyber Bullies

Law enforcement officials say cyber bullying, which is also taunting among kids on the world wide web, is just as common as bullying you’d see here on the playground.

And many times it goes unreported.

That’s why parents are being encouraged to step in and monitor their kids’ online habits.

They should learn their children’s favorite sites and their online language.

Police also recommend keeping computers in the living room or somewhere out in the open so they don’t visit questionable sites.

But the biggest tip is to communicate with their kids.

Authorities urge parents to talk to them and to find out who are their friends and who might be a bully.

Both parents and children agree it’s tough to fight cyber bullies because they can strike anytime and anywhere.

“When they’re in text messaging or online, they can just say whatever they want because you’re not going to do anything back because you don’t know where they are,” Caitlin Carleton, a victim of cyber bullying, explains.

In the past, many schools were sued if they took action against cyber bullies.

But since the start of the year, school districts can now suspend or expel students found threatening kids online.

You can get connected to tips on keeping your children from cyber bullies. Visit for more information.

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