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Valley Students Bear Witness To ‘Inspirational’ Inauguration

Students around the nation sat quietly, watching close as a real history lesson unfolded live before their eyes. In Ms. Camacho’s seventh grade class at Cahuilla Desert Academy, the classroom’s attention was on the Presidential Inauguration of the nation’s first African-American President.

“I feel proud and happy,” saidseventh grader Nancy Arrendondo.

“It’s a miracle he became President,” said classmate Cristian Guadarrama.

The day was etched in history books and surely in the minds of the young students.

“I will never forget it,” says eighth grader Rosa Martinez.

“It’s inspiring to a lot of people,” said Ms. Camacho. “It’s inspiring to me and to my students.”

Ms. Camacho says she’s always trying to get her students excited about politics. During the election, all of the students wrote to the candidates. To their surprise, the candidates wrote back. Now, as the students watched Mr. Obama become the President of the United States, they feel a connection with him.

“I just feel happy,” said Rosa.

In the letter, the students told Mr. Obama what qualities they want their President to have.

Rosa recalled in the letter that that candidate had”to be good-looking and smart.”

The letter and signature hangs on the wall, showing the children they can make a difference. As the new President takes office, the students realize anything is possible.

“Now that he became President — an African-American President — the next President could be Asian-American or Mexican-American,” says Cristian.

“I feel proud and I can be whatever I want,” says Nancy.

KESQ News Team


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